Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia)


One of the best known and widely used Australian essential oils, it grows in the northern coastal regions of New South Wales.  This bright, fresh, invigorating oil has many therapeutic properties including clinically proven effectiveness against bacteria and viruses.  Use in the treatment of infections, as a room freshener, or as a safe alternative to household cleaning products.  Blend with eucalyptus, lemon myrtle or peppermint gum.

Tea Tree

  • Strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.
    Can be used as a disinfectant in household cleaning products.
    Traditionally used for wound cleaning.
    Anti-inflammatory properties may help with muscle and joint pain.
    Often used as a skincare treatment for acne, warts, tinea or insect bites.
    May assist respiratory infections such as coughs, colds and bronchitis.
    Stimulating, energising and invigorating.
    May help fight the symptoms of mental and physical fatigue and depression.

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