Sandalwood - Australian (santalum spicatum)


An environmentally sustainable alternative to Indian sandalwood from Western Australia.  It has an earthy, woody aroma with grounding and calming properties.  Ideal for meditation, to aid relaxation or sleep.  It is antibacterial and antifungal and used in skincare preparations.  Blend with white cypress, blue cypress, kunzea and fragonia.

Sandalwood - Australian

  • Often used for dry or inflammatory skin conditions like acned, eczema or psoriasis
    Has been used for treating lymphatic issues, varicose veins and fluid retention
    May help respiratory conditions such as cough, asthma or bronchitis
    Emotionally calming.
    May assist in anxiety, stress and nervous tension.
    Often used in meditation practice.
    Can help focus, concentration and mental clarity
    Frequently used in perfume as a woody base note that can enhance other fragrances.