Balm Mint Bush (prostanthera melissifolia)


Balm mint bush (prostanthera melissifolia) is a native mint that grows along the coastal regions of Victoria and southern New South Wales. It has a bright, fresh and uplifting aroma that is both clean and gentle in nature. It has many of the same therapeutic properties as the European peppermint, however it also has the advantage of being safe to use with children and during pregnancy with none of the risks associated with peppermint. A perfect oil to use in a foot bath at the end of a long day on your feet. 


Blends with peppermint gum, eucalyptus, tea tree or lemon scented oils.

Balm Mint Bush

  • This oil is refreshing, uplifting, invigorating and energising.
    It is cooling and refreshing for tired feet and aching muscles.
    It has been traditionally used as a remedy for colds.
    May assist with headaches or nausea.
    This oil has many similar benefits to peppermint, yet is gentle and safe enough to use with children.