Brand Story

How Australian Essences Began....

As I travelled around Australia on holidays, I started picking up different Australian essential oils from different places, including some I had never heard.  This meant I needed to research them before I could use them.

As I strived to increase my collection, I found it difficult because there were only very limited places that were selling native Australian essential oils, especially the more unusual ones.  And even less information on how to use them, especially how to blend them together.

I was amazed by the wide variety of oils available, but also at how difficult it was both to buy them and also to find out information.   This disappointed and saddened me, because we have such amazing natural resources that are being wasted, and our environment is being degraded because we don't appreciate the value of what we have.

Sure, there are some that include eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon myrtle and a few others in their blends.   But none focussing solely on the native oils.

And so, I decided to launch Australian Essences in order to bring them to the people of Australia who deserve to benefit from them.   More recently, I made the decision to combine the two arms of my business - essential oils and massage therapy - under the same brand, so that my clients always know exactly where to find what they are looking for.

So, I started creating my own blends.  At first, I was using them for my massage clients, who expressed delight at the beautiful fragrances as well as the physical and psychological benefits they were experiencing.  They would ask me, "where can you buy these"  and the answer was "you can't", because there was not a single company that was making blends using only native Australian oils.

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